Between Two Wordls is a cross-media project in development, including:

- a TV documentary, Rhapsody in June

- a web-documentary

- a web series about "Stories of life and freedom of Burmese living abroad"

- a web community dedicated to Burma through the voice of Burmese people

- a container kitchen (a web series of cooking lessons, a  Food TV show “STOVE CHATS”,

Application I-device and Android, I-book)

Yadana Nat Mai, "Goddess of the nine jewels", is the last princess of Burma.

Known as June Rose Bellamy, she is now 79 years old and she had an adventurous and unusual life. Crossroads of two cultures (burmese mother and australian father), she lived diversity as a resource.

She travelled around the world and she lived history in first person: the fall of the kingdom, the end of British colonialism, the rise of dictatorship, till the marriage in 1978 to General Ne Win in a vain attempt to help her country.

Symbol for her people of times long past, she is an example of a contemporary woman who has played her life on improvisation and choices of freedom.

Lost her kingdom, she found refuge in Italy where  she changed her life, becoming an ordinary woman and achieving a new kingdom in the kitchen.

She opened up in Florence  the "Studio June Bellamy", a school of Eastern and Western cooking in which the relationship between food and culture is the first element of interest, a personal way of remembering, handing down, and reinterpreting the experience of a whole life.

Starting from June Rose Bellamy biography, a web-documentary will allow the viewer to investigate many aspects touched by the documentary, to satisfy specific interests.

It will provides an archive of textual records, photographs and videos, political and historical references, interviews, insights, useful links.


A journey between East and West, between past and present.

From the story of a woman, the last princess of Burma,

we discover an unknown country, we talk about personal

freedom, about history, culture and food.